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Message from the President:

Greetings Everyone,

I want to thank everyone who participated and helped make our 2021 conference in Blue Bell, PA a great success.  It was wonderful to finally see folks in person again and have the opportunity to network with each other.  I am excited to announce that we are currently making preparations for our 2022 conference in downtown Lynchburg, VA at the Virginian Hotel, September 26th-28th. Information for reservations and an agenda will be made available as the conference gets closer.    

Our theme for the 2022 conference will be “Environmental Impacts”. We anticipate having speakers presenting information around existing environmental topics in the utility vegetation management industry.  This will include updated information on existing and potential future regulations, along with current environmentally related topics that impact how we manage vegetation in our industry.  We also anticipate a field tour to explore existing and new ways to minimize environmental impacts in utility vegetation management activities.

This year we will be exploring opportunities to utilize some of our research funds.  Our goal is to make these funds available either through awarding scholarships or funding research in the utility vegetation management industry.  We are hopeful each of you will have the opportunity to come and participate in our conference and share your industry experiences with one another.  

Looking forward to seeing you in Lynchburg!!

Ben Bradburn
MLVMC President